Alice Eduardo: Rising to the challenge of the pandemic and lockdowns

Alice Eduardo: Rising to the challenge of the pandemic and lockdowns

When protocols are lifted to accommodate the resumption of construction activities, Alice Eduardo takes heed. First, she did this to continue with the long-delayed projects on her list, particularly the 60-hectare township development along C-6 Road in Taguig City, and, second, to resume work for her over 500 Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation employees.

Speaking of her employees, the majority of them are breadwinners. Thus, Alice Eduardo thinks of ways to help ease their burden, instructing her foremen to contribute six cavans of rice for each employee or its monetary equivalent. Each cavan contains 25 kilos of rice.

For her, “we, Filipinos, are sustained by rice and prayers. When we know we have rice in storage for the next day’s meal, we can sleep through the night.” So distributing rice to these families could be one of the ways to keep people in their homes.

Meanwhile, Manila Times honored Sta. Elena Construction and Alice Eduardo herself as Builder of the Year. It commemorates the company’s steely efforts to keep backhoes and cranes humming despite the nationwide lockdowns.

Spending the lockdowns at her hometown

Alice Eduardo and her family spent their lockdown life in Jaen, Nueva Ecija where she also distributed sacks of rice to underprivileged families.

With her family’s expansive vegetable farm, where they grow their own vegetables, Alice Eduardo enjoyed bountiful harvests that she was able to share with her relatives and friends. She shared their family’s crops such as eggplant, okra, calamansi, sili, mangoes, and more.

When staying at home

Staying at home for the longest time, Alice Eduardo went back to her roots: planting. She finally had the chance to grow a lush, sprawling garden. She was very hands-on with her garden.

According to her, “Plants give me happiness. They help me de-stress.” Her favorite is the “Wave of Love,” a leafy plant with deeply scalloped margins (the edge of the leaf).

Her lockdown learnings

In an Inquirer article, Alice Eduardo was quoted saying:

“Lockdown has been a continuing exercise in looking outward, how to help those I have never met alongside continuing to take care of those close to me. It has reminded me of the very basics in life—our families, our health, our ability to help, the air we breathe. I have had a renewed appreciation for staying in and keeping to myself. This window gave me time to spring clean both spiritually and physically.

Being able to review and put many personal and business files in better order has been such a recharging experience that has energized me. I feel very prepared to tackle the operational challenges brought by the new normal. It is with immense gratitude that we at Santa Elena Construction and Development Corp. have gradually resumed operations in these critical times. I have personally put in place the team’s safety protocols and strictly monitor compliance.”

Indeed, the health crisis of 2020 is another challenge that Alice Eduardo triumphantly got passed through. Soldiering the pandemic, she cites Joshua J. Marine, who states, “Challenges are what make life interesting, and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” For Alice Eduardo, there are no better enablers than challenges.

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